Blue Voyage in Turkey

tn sailing girlA “Blue Voyage” is to witness the most beautiful sunset, eat the most delicious fresh fish, and enjoy a relaxing cocktail all at once.It’s the ability of letting yourself get lost in a book, of which you hadn’t before had the chance to even open the cover. To be alone with your loved one, walking through an isolated cove, laying on the sand, and immersing yourself in cool, calm waters during a sunset. It’s time to be free of the four walls containing your home and office, leave behind the crowded city streets, and find yourself alone with the sea. In the most beautiful bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, in a place where there are thousands of different shades of blue and green, what do you say to the most fascinating getaway of your life?

tn sunbathing

“Blue Voyage” should be thought of as the ideal choice for groups of families and friends who want the freedom of designating their own paths and adventures through the waters.  To be at sea is magical. Blue waves, and the sun shining upon its silvery surface…Like these waves, the time you spend on a “Blue Voyage” will quickly trickle away.

Every passing minute will create a new longing, and further curiosity for what the future holds as you gaze over the horizon. You will never want to leave the beauty of the blue, the boat, the wind, stars, and phosphorescence. The only way you can take comfort in having to leave will be the promise of return… Take a trip far away from stress and crowds and take the time to appreciate the beauty of untouched nature.


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